Associate Broker Course

$450 (includes all textbooks and materials)

This course has recently undergone substantial upgrades. The upgrades include a new integration of course content, new case studies and an emphasis on student proficiency in areas of real estate practice that are essential to success.  The text book is also undergoing substantial revision.  The Associate Broker Class is designed to do two things: 

1. To review and build on the information covered in the Sales Agent Class; and

 2. By using a case study approach, enable students to apply this knowledge in a variety of situations that arise in in real estate transactions. The emphasis of the course is on developing the skills necessary for students to analyze and apply their knowledge in their practice.

Topics include agency relationships and duties; property valuation; real estate finance including seller finance; contracts and multiple offers; listing presentations and buyer counseling sessions; closing statements, land use laws and more.

To pass the course, you must achieve a minimum grade of 75 and to submit a completed Documented Field Experience Form per requirements of the Maine Real Estate Commission. On the second anniversary of the issuance of your Sales Agent license, you may apply for your Associate Broker license.

* There are currently no Associate Broker Courses scheduled