Maine Law Exam Study Materials


Price: $135

Do you have a real estate license from another state? 

Do you have a Maine license that has been “inactive”?

 If so, you may be able to get an active  Maine Real Estate License by passing the “Law Portion” of the  Pearson VUEstate licensing exam.  I recommend you take the following steps:

Step One:  Check with the Maine Real Estate Commission to be sure you qualify for the “law portion” ofthe exam.  Call:  207-624-8603 and speak to the real estate commission staff and make sure you are eligible for this route to a real estate license.

Step Two: Go to this url   where you will find the Pearson VUE Candidate Handbook.  Read the handbook to learn about the process.  Focus on the Content Outline for the Maine Real Estate Law Examinations (its page 5 of “Content Outlines”)  where you will find the list of topics tested on the “law portion”.

Step Three:  If you qualify for the “law portion”,  and you want study materials, you can order them here.  You will get: 

a.       Our text book:  Introduction to a Successful Career in Maine Real Estate

b.      Our License Law Reference Book.

c.       A guide listing what to read to prepare for the topics on the law portion

d.      Our Maine License Exam Prep book with 300 practice questions for the exam

Step Four: Testing is administered by Pearson VUE. Reservations for the Maine Law examinations may be made by contacting Customer Care by phone at (877) 543-5220 (TDD 866-274-4777) or online at